Our Facilities

Gomde California sits on 250 acres of land in the midst of the beautiful Redwood forests of Northern California. Our secluded location in the abundance of nature makes Gomde California an ideal place for the study and practice of the Dharma. The land is studded with gardens, crossed by trails, all of which lead down to the Eel River, a perfect spot of cool off and relax during the summer months.

Welcome to the Sangha House

The Sangha House is the main communal space at Gomde. Here you will find check-in and registration for programs. You’ll find information on upcoming programs and activities, ride-sharing, work-study, and volunteer opportunities.

Our library is also located at the Sangha House, as well as the non-profit Norbu Store, which provides authentic practice and ritual items and a wide variety of Dharma books. Come browse our selection — the shop is generally open for a few hours after lunch.

Meals are served in the spacious screened dining tent, which adjoins the Sangha House.

WiFi is available at the Sangha House, and there is an ATM five minutes away at the Leggett Valley Mercantile. The Leggett area generally receives spotty cell phone service.

The Buddha Hall: Our Spiritual Home

The Buddha Hall serves as the teaching center for our programs. This is where our seminars take place, where we conduct our morning and evening practice sessions, and where we gather for other community events.

Following the path behind the Dining Tent you will make your way uphill to the air-conditioned facility. It is an easy five minute walk through the woods. Just below the Buddha Hall you’ll find a vast lawn with hill ideally suited for meditation, and our Circle Garden, which is perfect place to relax and reflect between teachings.

Explore the Campground

Our spacious and shady Campground is located south of the Buddha Hall and the Circle Garden. The campsites are cleared of underbrush before the start of programs each year.

Throughout the campground, tent cabins are set upon platforms. Each is fitted with a framed bed and other amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They are located by zone color and number. For those who are not staying in our cabins, there are spaces for setting up your own tent and equipment as well.

Our Lama House & Retreats

There is a path leading from the front door of the Buddha Hall. Further down the main Gomde road you will find the Lama House, as well as the River House & Tara Cottage. These houses are used for many of our land residents and visiting teachers, lamas and Rinpoches, as well as well as for personal retreats.

Visit the Gardens & Cedar Creek

The Buddha Garden & Tara Garden are five-minute walk below the Lama House. Here we grow a wide variety of vegetables and legumes, including many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, beets, beans, squash, chard, lettuce, and much more, depending on the season.

The gardens are situated near the confluence of Cedar Creek and the Eel River. Cedar Creek has the coolest and shadiest swimming hole on the land, with a refreshing miniature waterfall.

Swimming on the Eel River

The Eel River runs through our property, its cool waters providing welcome relief on hot summer afternoons. You can access it by following marked walking trails (or the road) downhill from the Buddha Hall. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the river from the campground. As private cars are not allowed to be driven during retreats, please either enjoy the leisurely walk down, or take one of the river shuttles that may be running.

The trail to the other swimming areas branches off from the end of the loop road past River House and heads downhill to cross the river at a shallow rocky ford. A few minutes’ walk downstream is the lovely Redwood Beach, a sandy cove facing a placid pool backed by sun-warmed cliffs. If you’re lucky, you might see a sleek river otter at work here. Jade Lagoon is just a few minutes’ walk further downriver, a deep pool of emerald water rimmed by a rocky beach.