Private Retreat

The wild beauty of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California is an ideal environment for personal meditation practice. The waters of Eel River and Cedar creek flow through stands of fir and pine, and ever-changing light pours into the river valley. The natural environment of Gomde California supports a sense of awe and renunciation in our residents. In addition to the splendid setting, many Tibetan masters have blessed the land with their practice and realization. We encourage serious Buddhist practitioners who are studying under the guidance of an authentic teacher to apply for private retreat at Gomde California.

Retreat to the Manjushri Cabin

Gomde California is delighted to offer you a new space for private retreat. This retreat cabin—which we lovingly refer to as the “Manjushri Cabin”—offers stunning views across the Eel River valley, and is the newest addition to our facilities.

Nestled in a secluded area of the land, the Manjushri Cabin comes equipped with all the amenities one needs for private retreat: a comfortable bed and dresser, shrine space, kitchen with a dual-burner stove and mini-fridge, and an attached bathroom with hot shower. There is even a small porch to enjoy the the day-time and sunset views to the south and west.

Interested in Private Retreat?

If you are interested in private retreat in the Manjushri Cabin or any of our other spaces, you can apply here: Private Retreat at Gomde California. And if you have questions about a retreat on the land, you’re always welcome to contact us at:

Please note that Gomde California is currently adhering to special Covid-19 protocols. Our staff will send information on these health guidelines before your retreat, to help your stay be as safe and as fruitful as possible.