Program Description

  • Cliff Retreat Hut – $305.00
  • Day Attendee (off-site housing) – $80.00
  • Dorm Bed – $180.00
  • Gate House – Middle – $320.00
  • Gate House – Small – $350.00
  • Manjushri Retreat Cabin – $430.00
  • Online Only – $80.00
  • River House – Middle – $380.00
  • Tara Cottage – $530.00

Wish-Fulfilling Tara Retreat

October 6 - 9, 2022

*Note: The provided rates refer to the full-length program. They are not daily rates.*

We are delighted to announce that the Gomde California community will host a Wish-Fulfilling Tara (Siddhartha Tara) retreat this October. This concise practice from the Lamey Tukdrub Barche Kunsel is considered to be extremely powerful for gathering positive conditions – both for the sake of realization as well as the fulfillment of worldly aspirations. The retreat is open to everyone and can be considered a vital enhancement to one’s regular practice of the Noble Lady Tara.

The Sadhana of Tara Who Fulfills All Aims (Siddhartha Tara Sadhana) is an extraordinary practice of Padmasambhava, revealed by Terton Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa as part of the Lamey Tukdrub Barche Kunsel cycle. During the practice we will include recitations of the Twenty-One Praises to Noble Lady Tara, thus invoking the various manifestations of Tara, “The Mother of All Buddhas,” the swift embodiment of compassion.

You may also participate from home via the online registration option. Please select “Pay on Arrival.” Later, you will be sent an email to make a donation in an amount of your choice.

Lama Tsultrim has taught on this practice in the past, and recordings of his instructions will be shared after registering for the retreat. There will not be any teachings during the retreat period—our time will be spent chiefly engaged in the practice sessions. Resources and recordings will be shared with all participants.

Lastly, Gomde California’s fees are for lodging, food, staff costs, technical costs, and myriad other expenses that go into running a dharma center. Our program fees barely cover the program expenses, and we, therefore, gently ask our Sangha to continue to support Gomde through donations and service. If a participant truly cannot afford our rates, please write to for information on scholarships and work-exchange.

We look forward to entering into the grace, perfection, and love of Noble Tara’s wisdom heart together.