About Us

Located in the beautiful forested mountains of Northern California, Gomde California was founded by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. This remote retreat center offers the perfect environment for both new students and long-time practitioners to deepen their understanding of the Buddha’s teachings through study, contemplation, and meditation.

With an emphasis on the Chokling Tersar lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Gomde California’s diverse programs present the complete Buddhist path, including the foundational teachings of the Buddha, the Mahayana teachings on emptiness and compassion, and the profound instructions of the Vajrayana.

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Our Sangha

Gomde California’s community extends across North America. Throughout the year all are welcomed to our seminars, retreats, and short courses, so that the Dharma can be integrated into all aspects of our daily lives. A key component of Gomde’s vision is developing a residential community of like-minded lay practitioners, who maintain their commitments to study, practice, and service.

Our Land

Located three and a half hours north of San Francisco, Gomde California sits on 250 acres of woodlands, meadows and bluffs. The Eel River winds its way through our property, forming several swimming holes along its course. Peaceful walking trails meander through forests of fir, madrone, redwood and oak, opening onto stunning vistas of rugged beauty.

Gomde California’s remote and wild land is blessed with a natural serenity that provides inspiration for the heart and mind. This setting of extraordinary natural beauty combines with the blessings of the lineage masters and the profundity of the teachings to create a “sublime support” for the practice and study of Dharma.

“There are incredible Dharma blessings in every particle of Gomde. Such a spot is very, very rare to encounter in the world. The environment itself brings a great deal of peace and blessings to meditators here.”

— Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche