Prayer Requests & Offerings

Buddhist monasteries and Dharma communities traditionally offer prayers and perform rituals on behalf of those who are sick or experiencing trauma, as well as for the dying and deceased. The resident monastics and staff of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California perform the reading of names of those in need of healing, who are in the process of dying, or who have recently passed away.  The reading of names is included in our evening meditation session so that the merit from our communal practice may aid those in need, as well as their families and loved ones. Names remain on the prayer list for as long as needed, and in the case of those who have recently passed, for the traditional 49 days following death.

Request Prayers for the Sick, Dying, or Deceased

You may use this form to add someone to the Gomde California’s prayer list. We ask that you follow up with a message once the person has recovered or passed away. For questions please contact Lama Kunzang at, and if you have trouble setting up a donation or need more information, please email our treasurer Jeri Peterson at You can make a offering to support these prayers using the donation form at the bottom of this page.

Prayers for the Sick, Dying, or Deceased

  • Be sure to add date of passing in the field below if you wish Gomde California to pray on their behalf.
  • Gomde California follows the tradition of praying for the deceased 49 days after their passing. This date will allow us to better direct prayers on your loved one's behalf.
  • Please provide your e-mail, so that we can keep our prayer list up-to-date.

Offer Support For These Prayers

It is traditional, but certainly not required, to make a personal donation on behalf of the deceased as an act of merit, and to support the ritual practices in which the names are read. You can sponsor a prayer by making a one-time donation for this purpose in the form below. For those who have passed away, please note in your comments the date of decease.

Prayer Requests from the Monks & Nuns in Nepal

If you would also like the monks and nuns in Nepal to make prayers for you, please visit: