Our Team

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California is a Tibetan Buddhist center under the spiritual direction of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche. We are dedicated to preserving, transmitting, and translating the complete Buddhist path, and cultivating scholar-practitioners. We nurture the direct experience of the Buddhist teachings for the benefit of all beings by providing a home where the Dharma can take root and flourish. Gomde California’s board, staff, and volunteers have dedicated themselves to fulfilling this mission.

Board of Directors

Spiritual Director: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Stephen Barr, Dorje Bond, Catherine Dalton, Bruce Hammond, Shabad Khalsa (Chairman), Rhonda LoPresti, Shireen R.K. Patell, Jeri Petersen, Diane Richardson, David Shlim.


President: David Shlim

Vice-President: Catherine Dalton

Treasurer: Jeri Petersen

Secretary: Peter Woods

Management & Staff

Executive Director: Jack deTar — director@gomdeca.org

Director of Operations: Mikey Ellis — operations@gomdeca.org

Land Manager: Jax Scialabba — land@gomdeca.org

Event Coordinator & Registrar: Molly Mansfield —coordinator@gomdeca.org

Finance: Jeri Petersen — finance@gomdeca.org

Development: Rhonda LoPresti — rhonda@peacefully-prepared.com &

Stephen Barr — stephen.e.barr@gmail.com

Local Outreach:  Diane Richardson — drrich53@hotmail.com

Norbu Store:  Jamie Ross — info@norbustore.com

Annual Reports