Dr. Stephen Jenkins

Dr. Stephen Jenkins was trained at Harvard and is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Humboldt State. His research focuses on Buddhist concepts of compassion, their philosophical grounding, and ethical implications. Most recently, he has focused on the Indian roots of Pure Land Buddhism and the role of devas in Buddhist practice. He has lived and taught in Buddhist cultures across Asia from Tibet to Sri Lanka and from India to Japan, including a semester at Rangjung Yeshe. He has also taught for a variety of Dharma centers. Years ago, he taught a weekend retreat at Gomde California entitled “Luminous Wilderness.” His practice is focused on the wild rivers of northern California.

Events with Dr. Stephen Jenkins

Luminous Wilderness: Philosophical Reflections on Sacred Natural Sites
Open Dates

This talk aspires to enhance appreciation of wilderness as a valuable resource for Buddhist practice, particularly in regard to the exquisite natural setting of Gomde California. It will examine how, since earliest times, Buddhists spatialized values in cosmology and maṇḍalic thinking and acted on those conceptions through pilgrimage, gardens, forest meditation centers, and visionary engagement with natural beauty. His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote that “places often have a power that we cannot easily describe or explain. When approached with an awareness of the emptiness and luminosity underlying all appearances, they can encourage us to expand our vision not only…